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Brooklyn Brewery and St. Ann’s Warehouse – The Best of Brooklyn

April 25, 2010

Particularly because I am obsessed with all things Brooklyn, I am psyched to write about how I won tickets to go see Young @ Heart this weekend at St. Ann’s Warehouse, and on top of that managed to get tickets to their post performance pizza party. As expected with great local institutions, Brooklyn Brewery and St. Ann’s seem to be connected somehow. They supply great beer to the Rice Cafe (run by the awesome people at Rice just don’t the street) located at St. Ann’s Warehouse. They also provided beer to the wonderful after party.

Well, my girlfriend and I went to the show today, and you couldn’t ask for a better performance. It’s nice to see the talented group at Young @ Heart perform a spectacularly and well-rehearsed musical masterpiece. Singing classic pop standards to modern hits by Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the Talking Heads was phenomenal. Their talent and voices was second to none. I pretty much had a wide smile on my face the whole time, with some performances putting me on the verge of crying. Yes, I welled up quite often.

I encourage anyone who gets an opportunity to see them, do so, and I also encourage everyone out there to drink Brooklyn Brewery beers and support St. Ann’s Warehouse in any way possible. Thank you Brooklyn for a damn great Sunday.

I leave you with a one of Young @ Heart’s past and greatest performances (not performed at the show because unfortunately Fred is no longer with us), Coldplay’s Fix You by Fred Knittle.



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