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Music and Beer Pairing (What!?)

April 28, 2010

Music. It’s the one thing most of us cannot live without. Whether you enjoy Lady Gaga, Bon Iver, Guns N’ Roses, or Mozart, music can soothe your soul. In fact, I recently read some quite fascinating survey results in the April 29, 2010 Rolling Stone that indicated it is the one form of entertainment that most of us would keep if we had to give up the other forms.Beer. It’s probably the one thing that I, and, I would wager, most of America, can’t give up. Beer with dinner. Beer after work. Beer at a party. Beer in bed. Beer in the bathtub/shower. Beer on the porch. Beer and friends. Beer and love. Beer is the archetypal mate for everything. But, what about beer and music? Why not? I indulge.

What the heck is it about beer that can pair with music, you ask? Every beer has a history and a story. Every beer’s flavors impart some sort of feeling. I would even go as far to say that every beer’s inherent alcohol content and ingredients facilitate a certain physiological response. (Go on, Joe… this sounds quite interesting). OK, I will.

Music can do the same for us. Feelings, emotion, and excitement that you just can’t fight. So, my theory and hypothesis is that if we sit down after a hard day of work, or raising that child, or mowing the lawn, whatever you’re doing right now, we can get experiential enhancement by pairing beer and music. So here goes the first in my series. Enjoy.

Jay-Z – Empire State of Mind and Brooklyn Lager (Let’s kick it with the easiest pairing of all)

You’re sitting at home in Ditmas Park, on your couch, which is most likely from Ikea Brooklyn. iTunes is on shuffle and you’re just sitting, maxin’, relaxin’, willin’ and chillin’ in your studio reading the latest New York magazine after an arduous day at the office. All of a sudden your ear perks up. The jam comes on. You know that jam, don’t you. Who is that? It’s Jay-Z. That’s your jam. He tells you he’s at Brooklyn and you get excited. Something comes over you and you impulsively run to your refrigerator, fling it open, peruse through the beers and grab a Brooklyn Lager. Psshhht. You open it up and take a sip…

Ms. Keys belts, “In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of!”

All of a sudden your overcome with unfamiliar emotions. Is that hope you feel? Could it possibly be love? You can do anything, can’t you? That’s right, you can. You log onto your computer and apply for that position at that hospital you always wanted. Was it Chief Financial Officer? The minute you submit your application, your phone rings. You got the job! You can’t believe it.

You’re thinking that this is too good to be true, but what the hell, you’re on a roll. You pick up your phone and call the one that got away, thinking that there may be a chance. No one answers, though and the mood turns sour. Is this over? (Knock Knock). What the? She’s at your door. You embrace, kiss, and decide to get married.

What the heck is going on? Well, I’ll tell you what’s going on. You paired beer and music.

Why this works?

  • Jay-Z is from the BK and Brooklyn Lager is too .
  • This song is about dreams. Brooklyn Brewery was one of the many cogs that transformed Brooklyn into what it is now, a dream that many people never believed.
  • Brooklyn Lager is well-balanced amber lager, that goes down smooth. Jay-Z is smooth.
  • Want to party to this song? Well, Brooklyn Lager is a great beer to have a good time with. Light enough on the stomach.

Get it? Now drink.

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