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A Fail of a Day Turns Into Eating Food and Drinking Beer, What’s New?

April 30, 2010

As with most days, I walked out the door with an ambitious frame of mind, hoping to accomplish the many things I needed to do. Today was atypical in the sense that rather than walking out the door to drive to the Bronx, I went the opposite way and headed to Long Island. Among other things, I had events on the Island to attend, but knowing that I was going to pay a visit to the land of malls, diners, and 7 Elevens, I jotted down one task. Grab Game Day (7 Elevens new beer).I went on my way and pulled into lovely 7 Eleven establishment. Without hesitation, I walked over the beer section and scanned for any glimpse of Game Day. (Insert fail here). Of course, they did not carry it. I did manage to ask one of the associates, but all I got was a befuddled look and the response, “7 Eleven makes beer?”

I walked out of the store, confused at whether or not I had dreamed that 7 Eleven made their own beer, but quickly picked up my bearings and headed back to the city. Of course, I still needed something to write about and what better thing to write about than a food pairing. After reaching home and feeling completely apathetic, I rallied and managed to head to Whole Foods. Picked up an Aventinus Dopplebock and some strawberries.

Doppelbock beers are notoriously malty and sweet coming from the fact that little or no hops are added, and they often tend to have a chocolaty taste. Aventinus Dopplebock fits right in. One of the basic rules of pairing items that can match each other’s flavor. Hence, the pairing tonight features a play on the them of chocolate and strawberries.

Sipping the malty, chocolaty beer and taking a bite of a strawberry is an invigorating and sensual experience. The leftover after taste (the coating in your mouth) of the beer pairs perfectly the second you take a bite of the strawberry. The sweetness of the fruit wipes away the beer taste after chewing and you’re more than ready to prime your mouth with another malty and chocolaty load.

As with any sweet beer, Dopplebock can paired with deserts like flan, creme brulee, and chocolate, but it can also offer quite the complement to meats like venison and pork.

So in the end, a fail of a day had a great ending.

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