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A Beer in Ditmas Park, My ‘Hood – The Castello Plan

May 5, 2010

If you ever happen to be meandering around Ditmas Park, and crave a Belgian beer, go check out The Castello Plan (  And, the probability that this event happens is most likely 1%, but regardless, they’ve got your back.  

After a long day of work, I was craving some Belgian style goodness.  Since, I am a complete dork and regularly read the blog about the neighborhood I live in (Ditmas Park Blog) I had known that this wonderful Wine and Beer Bar had opened.  This, in no way, is a review about the food, but merely about the warm inviting place that Ben has created for us Ditmas Parkers.  They also own Mimi’s Hummus.  Sigh.  All so good.

So I walked their in this beautiful weather and ordered this:

Emelisse Rauchbier (it’s actually Dutch)

  • Aroma was woody, smokey, almost like a cellar
  • Flavor was smokey and malty
  • Picture is a little deceiving, but it was definitely an amber colored beer, cloudy as well
  • Had a nice crisp feel on the tongue

I may or may not have had another beer, which may or may not be reviewed at a later point in time.  Oopsy.

As far as the feel of the place.  Think wood.  Think warm and inviting servers.  Think a quiet, non-pretentious crowd.  Think relaxation.  Think awesomeness.

Thanks, Ben. (He’s the owner who decide to have a nice friendly chat with me)

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