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Beer After This Weekend’s Poop Show – The North Face Endurance Challenge

May 6, 2010

In preparation for the “after party” that will follow the North Face Endurance Challenge that I am partaking in this weekend, I have been having beer fantasies about the 2 beers I would like to drink in celebratory fashion. And, part of a ski trail is included in the course.  Enough said.Naturally, I usually drink beer after races, but it’s always left to the discretion of the organizers.  If I can recall, the last beer I had after a race was a Miller Genuine Draft Light 64.  Sponsorship may have played a roll.  According to the people that rate beers on it seemed to have receive a grade of D.

A D?  Come on… really?  I know I will be throwing away my beer credibility with this next statement, but it’s not that bad.  It serves a purpose, of course.  It’s light.  It resembles beer.  It’s kind of fun to drink.  I enjoyed it for what it was.  It’s almost analogous to the scenario where you’re craving that cafeteria pizza and not regular pizza.  Either way, the cafeteria pizza still made you smile.  Now, the quality of ingredients of course may be in question, but eh, MGD Light 64, you’re a cool guy.
Now, for the beers I want this weekend:
Yuengling Lager – Simply put, one of the most refreshing beers.  A simple and crisp (feels good on your mouth) amber lager, with a nice malty aroma that oozes carbohydrates, which is what I’m sure my legs will be craving.
Ommegang Three Philosophers – Muscle numbing quadrupel.  Extremely malty and sweet and ridiculously high alcohol content.  I will sip the pain away.
What do you drink after running, biking, yoga, climbing, TV watching, etc.?
P.S. – I hope you’ve been enjoying the blog.  In terms of developing by the end of 2010 – the posting schedule will be shifting to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I will of course be on twitteringmore frequently so you can follow me there.
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