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Functional Beer: Party Planning Edition

May 14, 2010

Parties.  They are the pinnacle of all things social.  It is a gathering of people specifically for amusement or pleasure of all those involved.

There are, of course, many factors to throwing a great party, each of which unequally contribute to the success of the event.  The most important factor for me, a beer nerd, is planning the alcohol for the evening.  There will be your default liquor, maybe some whiskey, vodka, and rum.  That tends to cover the hard liquor people.  And, you guessed it, there will be a bottle of wine.  The beer selection will of course be nothing like the average party goer has seen.  Each beer will be selected and placed side by side with an appropriate snack food. Heck, the music will also be hand picked for the beer (well, maybe not all the music). Excessive, yes.

The first and most important thing to also consider are my guests.  The following is the demographic info for all of the attendees.

  • Doctor – male
  • Finance guy – male
  • Journalist – female
  • Lawyer – male
  • Professor – male
  • Lawyer – female
  • Business dude – male
  • PR – female
  • Actor – male
  • Actress – female

To be succinct, I have a bunch of yuppies as friends with a wide range of interests and professions.  Neat. Without upsetting them by profiling them on this entry (they could probably figure out who’s who) their lifestyles and interests should be considered.  Now, yes they may be yuppies but do they fancy varied beer? In a typical situation, some of them may love Stella or Heineken.  Some may enjoy Bud.  Some may enjoy the world of beer.  For the most part their openness to new things makes them the perfect people to convert to the dark side of awesome beer.

So in the end I have decided upon a wide selection and range of all good beer.

  • A Belgian Witte like Ommegang Witte
  • A pilsner like Stella Artois
  • A go to lager like Brooklyn or Yuenling
  • An American IPA for the more adventurous and to pair with some of the more ethnic foods
  • A Belgian dubbel for craziness
  • A Stout or Porter (probably a Russian Imperial Stout) for a sipping kind of evening

Of course, since I have such a force in beer, my options for edibles are endless.  I’m thinking some dumplings, bruschetta, shrimp, sesame rice sticks, sweet things like Rhubarb Crisp, and maybe some tortilla chips with salsa.  Also making a default appearance would be pretzels, potato chips, and all that fine stuff.

Sounds like a party, huh?
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