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Beer in a Beer Wasteland

May 19, 2010

Have you ever found yourself perusing the Polo Ralph Lauren collection at Macy’s, or sifting through the men’s suiting section at JC Penney, when all of a sudden you get a hankering for craft beer that can only be satiated with delicious beer?  Well you’re in luck, Rattle ‘N Hum ( or is one of the bars that provides a great option in a beer wasteland. I was strolling down Midtown on a glorious afternoon where I had nothing else to do but walk the concrete jungle itself, when I decided I would pay a visit to this dear restaurant and bar.  Not wanting to fully imbibe in the middle of the day, I decided to grab a “light”  liquid lunch and see what they had on tap.

I walked in on 33rd Street (between 5th and Madison) and was greeted by a pub like feel, fully outfitted with a bar, stools, and randomly laid out wood tables.  I quickly screened the crowd and noticed mostly dress shirts and Blackberry devices.  Disclaimer: it was around 1:30 PM in the afternoon when I decided to go into this excursion.

So, I took a seat and scanned the beer menu.  Hmm, 40 beers on tap and an even larger bottle selection. Score.  I ordered myself a Pretty Things Jack D’or (their saison) and was quite pleased.  I then perused the menu and noticed that everything, or at least what seemed to be everything, was cooked with beer.  My stomach was in the mood for a Turkey Club in which the turkey was cleverly soaked in Hefeweizen and the fries that accompanied it were beer battered with an IPA.  Interesting…

I am in no means a foodie and what I think about food is purely subjective, but I enjoyed the turkey sandwich (lettuce, tomatoes, turkey, swiss and all).  It had that slight sour taste that beer tends to impart in food. The fries on the other hand were a little odd, but tasty nonetheless.  I just wasn’t used to it.

I was quite pleased with the experience and am glad to know that when I go suit shopping or visit the Manhattan Mall, I can walk a few blocks to soothe the shopping woes with a delicious alcoholic beverage.

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