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Random Beer News for the Day: PBR Brewer Seeks Buyer and the Transformer Beer Can

May 26, 2010

It seems the owner of the brewery that creates Pabst Blue Ribbon, the staple beer of the hipster, is seeking a buyer –  They are also the proud producers of Schlitz and Colt 45, some of the umm, “finest” malt liquors out there.  Interestingly, they do contract their brewing of these brands to companies like MolsonCoors.

I’m assuming there would be no significant impact on the beer itself as PBR has quite the following from what I’ve seen in NYC, at least.

In other odd news, it seems South African Breweries, a subsidiary of SABMiller, has decided to design a cup that would facilitate beer consumption at the world cup –  This my friends is ingenious, isn’t it?

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