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Budweiser, Thank You for Being So Classy

June 10, 2010

Summer is here and it's time for some Budweiser and fried seafood on City Island

Oh, Budweiser, you may have a bad rap in some circles, but you’re always welcome in mine.  For us New Yorkers, summer is pretty much here.  Sure, Summer Solstice has not arrived, but those days where the last thing you want to do is stand on a subway platform with countless other hot people, and then undoubtedly walk into a subway car with no air conditioning, have arrived.  So what better way to celebrate sweaty pits and sweat all over than head to City Island and grab some fried grub and good drink.I happened to stumble upon this place, not because I was wandering around New York City and magically ended up in City Island, but rather because I was being thrown a going away party.  I guess that equals greasy food.  We ended up going to Johnny’s Famous Reef Restaurant (thanks New York Magazine), which is literally located on the left hand side of City Island Avenue, right before you drive/walk into the ocean.  I walked in and was greeted by my old high school cafeteria and a never ending counter, with stations for drinks, food, and dessert.  Johnny, you’re good.

The first thing I did was order my Budweiser (thank you Beer Advocate people, for your scathing marks) THE standard American Lager.  Frankly, I love the clean, unimposing malt/rice taste with that very slight taste of finishing hops.

Second, and probably most important, I ordered myself some Fried Clams served with fries, and threw in a corn on the cob for the ultimate gut wrenching dinner.

How did the meal go, well…

  • The corn paired well with the Bud, as the malt and rice complemented the dish fairly nicely
  • The crispness of the beer washed away the main ingredient of grease in the fries and clams and prepared my palate for the next delicious bite
  • I was in what some people would say greasy food/beer heaven

In going with my Coors Light and hamburger pairing, this was yet another match made in heaven.  The next time you happen to take a wrong turn off of Houston Street and end up in City Island, head to Johnny’s, grab a Budweiser, order up some fried grub (they do have steamed and fried options of clams, shrimp, lobsters, oysters, fish, and other goodness) and enjoy a laid back summer.  Score.

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