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A Tribute to Two Icons and Match Made in Heaven: Kennedy Fried Chicken and 7 Eleven

June 14, 2010

The Odd Couple

7 Eleven, the convenience store that I, and many other Long Island high schoolers, would use as base camp for loitering and formulating late night plans.  Kennedy Fried Chicken (there is a Wikipedia entry for everything), the sustenance that would fill the physical and emotional void that remained after drinking.  What better way to merge two important institutions to so many New Yorkers than do a food and beer pairing with 7-Eleven’s new beer and a meal from Kennedy’s?  What was the result?  Read on.

After many attempted fails trying to find 7 Eleven’s beer on Long Island, Boston, and other locations, I finally managed to stop by Sunny’s 7 Eleven on 14th Street.  I’m not sure who this Sunny guy is, but this deity answered my prayers for getting my hands on their beer.  I picked up the Light and Ice version of Game Day.  I wanted to pair the beer with something truly deserving, and after a weekend of BBQ, Japanese Curry, and Grilled Shrimp, what better completes the sequence than some fried chicken.

Where, my friends, can I get the best gut bomb fried chicken that deserves to stand next to my 24 oz. of Game Day Light?  Kennedy Fried Chicken.

So I ventured off the beaten path (an understatement) onto the corner of Flatbush Avenue and Cortelyou Rd., walked in to the shrine of fried goodness, and ordered myself a 2 piece, French fries, and soda combo for $4.75.  Obviously, I opted for the Diet Coke, since I didn’t want to eat too many calories.

I was alerted by the sign behind the bullet proof glass that my meal would contain anywhere between 440-690 calories.  I’m guessing mine was on the lower end.  For those of you that are more health conscious, Kennedy Fried Chicken does offer a veggie sub for $3.49, “made your way.”

I walked back home, plopped down on my couch, and opened up the heavenly combo.


The aroma made me giggle like a little child.  So how did it taste?  Well, do I even need to elaborate?  The Game Day was synonymous with your macro light beers, and by that I mean, light, crisp, pale yellow, and flavors/aromas of malt and rice, or what some people say corn.  I liked it.

The fried chicken was on point.  It was greasy, salty, and moist inside.  The skin was as always crunchy and the fries weren’t that bad either.  The roll is your typical mass production dinner roll.  The light beer was crisp enough and light enough to wash away all the salty greasy goodness on your palate, giving you a perception of rejuvenation between each sip, bite, sip and bite.  It was as perfect as any macro beer and fast food pairing can be.

Just take a look at that

So, what’s my overall impression with Game Day.  Hey, good job 7 Eleven for making a great and cheaper alternative to some of the bigger beers out there.  And, Kennedy Fried Chicken keep up the damn good work.  Cheers!

Now, what should I pair with the Game Day Ice?

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  1. June 16, 2010 7:15 am

    Yoo those pics be lookin up and delicious, can you be more specified in the location of the place to get the fried chicken? And for the Ice i recomend to the highest point fried chicken and waffles near the corner of prospect park southwest, remember its about the climb.


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