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Leffe Blond, Found in Flatbush

June 17, 2010

Found in Flatbush

You think in a beer blog, the author would talk about some of his favorite beers.  Well, I guess it’s about time that I write about some of my favorite beers.  So I write this with only the intention of sharing some of my favorite beers and not reviewing or judging them.  This edition is quite special since I happened to stumble upon one of my favorite beers at a bodega in Flatbush.  Belgian beer was at a bodega in Flatbush.  My life is complete.So this mysterious and wonderful bodega is located between 17th and 18th on Cortelyou Rd.  If you are walking westward, it is the second bodega on your left.  This bodega also has wonderful things like Peak Organic beer, Southampton, and other fun hard to find beers in Flatbush.

So what is this beer?  Well, you saw the picture.  It’s Leffe Blonde.

Leffe Blonde is a unimposing Belgian Pale Ale (produced by InBev, that’s right), that is, as far as Belgian beers, well-balanced.  It’s mild in all the Belgian Characteristics, not too spicy, not too much alcohol and not too complex.  In my opinion, it’s a great transition beer for anybody.  And, you know what.  That’s it.  Enjoy.

Where did I drink this beer? Purchased at a bodega here (note the address may be way off, but the location is approximate, it’s on the south side of the road)

I would like this beer if:

  • I like gateway drugs, particularly those that lead to better Belgian beers
  • Macrobreweries rock
  • Thai food, fish, and cheese anyone?
  • Unimposing is a good quality

I would not like this beer if:

  • Down with InBev!
  • I am not open to any Belgian beer because they all taste the same
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