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How Do You Think a 5 1/2 Hour Beer Buffet Went?

June 20, 2010

Many beers ended up in this tasting cup

This weekend was the great NY Brew Fest.  I’m sure every single beer blogger is typing away or has written their perspective on what they thought.  So, I guess naturally it’s my turn to write about how an all you can drink event went. How do you think, myself a beer lover, liked it?I was fortunate enough to have company, the lovely girl, to this event.  We discussed the logistics for the day, so as to make sure no appearances of Drunk Joe, or Drunk Joe’s Girlfriend appeared that day.  We did our weekend runs and had decently hearty breakfasts to make sure our bodies were ready.  I myself had a lovely brunch consisting of granola and homemade yogurt, with several slices of bacon to balance out the healthiness ratio.

I packed my bag.  Water, check.  Blanket to lay out on, check.  Tickets, check.  An insatiable hunger for beer, check.  We proceeded to take the subway to Pier 11 and joined the already growing crowd of fellow beer lovers, and lined up to get on the water taxi.  After a very short tolerable wait (in contrast to the wait to leave Governor’s Island) we boarded and were whisked away to beer nirvana.

After getting on the island, we took a nice 10 minute walk to get to the site, showed our tickets, got our green connoisseurs bracelets and began our journey.  What I saw was a big open grove of trees, long lines of tents set up around the perimeter, a stage for live beer drinking jam band music, and some vendors for food.  HB Burger, Sullivan Street Bakery and the Van Leeuven Ice Cream Truck were all present.

The beer was beer.  Honestly, there were a lot of breweries, but unfortunately they brought their standard, and of course, classic good beers.  This wasn’t a necessarily bad thing, but for some reason I was expecting the breweries to bright some of their lesser known beers.  Not a problem though as I’ve had a majority of these beers and was excited to try some beers I usually would never try.

We did get the connoisseurs tickets, which I would highly suggest and gave us entrance an hour early.  The girl and I pretty much tried half of the beers, getting our tasting cups filled halfway, finishing the beer, rinsing the tasting cup and putting the next beer in.  Let’s say we were somewhat tipsy.  Unfortunately, at 3:30 PM the place crowded up and lines were epic to say nonetheless.  Also, the beers that were there were not on a list and you had to wait in line and basically decide on the spot if you would have one of the beers that the brewery offered when you got to the front.

One beer that stuck out in my mind was Elysian’s ESB, which was quite delicious.  Brooklyn Brewery also brought some reserve beer, Buzz Bomb and Blast, which was nice and Six Point brought their class Sweet Action.  Honestly all the beer was great, except for the fact that I thought the festival was IPA heavy.

After the second round starting post connoisseurs session, the beers started to take full effect and we decided to bail.  Unfortunately, the exodus home was not planned well and it took about two hours to get home.  Oh well, we were heavily buzzed by then and everything was fine.  All in all, it was a great time.

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