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A Great Session Beer for Independence Day Drinking: Pilsner Urquell, a Macro Beer I Like

July 6, 2010

When I think of Independence Day in America, what better place to end up than a Czech Beer Garden?  Because of derailed plans, a group of us decided that we would spend America’s birthday in Astoria at the Bohemial Hall and Beer Garden in Astoria.  Arriving there at 3:00 PM we decided that we would spend the rest of the day there, and end it with some Brooklyn rooftop firework viewing.  So what does a group of people (male and female included) drink all day.  Pilsner Urquell.

Pilsner Urquell is manufactured by SABMiller and belongs in a family of beers called Pilsners.  Looking at the beer in a glass you can’t help but say to yourself, “man that’s a fine looking beer,” as it paints a portrait of your stereotypical beer, golden, clear, and a frothy long lasting white head.

As far as taste and aroma expect malty and balanced bitterness usually created by the Czech Saaz Hop and a nice floral nose.  The lovely carbonation and somewhat medium body makes it a refreshing summer beer.

The reason this wonderful beer makes a good session beer is that it’s ABV is approximately 4.4% making it something that you could sip all day.  And, let me tell you I had quite a few and I had a pleasant disposition.

So that’s how I, a craft beer lover, spent my 4th of July.  I drank a macro beer at a Czech Beer Garden.

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