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The Weekend: Ate, Drank, and Did

July 19, 2010

In an attempt to make you hate your life and show how much better my life is, here is a re-cap of my weekend.  Note the yuppie activities, foods, and beers.  Maybe I should just post my daily life on this blog, screw writing about beer. (All meant as sarcasm)

Friday: No beer involved, but did get to eat at Tournesol, a wonderful French restaurant in Long Island City.  (Gasp) Had a glass of Gewurtztraminer with the striped bass, cheesy polenta, and ratatouille.

Saturday: Ran 15 miles.  Visited the Hester Street Fair, where I had a delicious chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich (complete with walnuts in the cookie, and vanilla ice cream in between) from Melt Bakery.  Proceeded to walk from the LES with girl at my side up to Union Square, ate a falafel sandwich from Pita Joe (yes, as a snack).  Took the train to see .357 Lover.  All I could say about this band was wow.  The two Yuengling’s were a great accompaniment.  Ate Thai (Wondee Siam II) after (Squid in Love) and enjoyed Chang, a lovely Thai beer.

Sunday: Barbecued in Prospect Park.  Brought a nice selection of beer – Peak Organic Pale Ale, Sierra Nevada Summer Fest and a Leinenkugels Amber Ale.  Friend’s brought a Pork Slap Pale Ale, an enjoyable beer in a can.  All of the above was eaten with various sausages and vegetable skewers.

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