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A Somewhat Potential Haven for People Who are Stuck Working in the Upper East Side – Bier International

August 26, 2010

Bier International's unobtrusive and unassuming store front

The Upper East Side is not really known for it’s hip bar scene and I’m perpetually searching for an after work haven that serves good beer to soothe the after work blues.  Enter Bier International, “Harlem’s first beer garden featuring international and domestic beers and food to match,” located 1.3 miles away from my office.  New awesome after work haven for Joe, check.

I decided to head there after a long day of mind numbing analytical work and check the place out.  To my surprise, I was greeted by a simple rustic bar fit with long benches, large open store front and wonderful bar.

Mmm... bier

Mmm... bar

I sat myself at the lovely bar and perused their beer list.  I noticed wonderful beers on draft such as HB Hofbrau Original, Six Point Sweet Action, Fuller’s London Pride, Delirium Tremens, Jenlain Ambree and several other great beers in draft and bottle format.  By my criteria, this is yet another list handpicked by a beer rock star.  Check this out:

Handpicked by a genius part 1

Handpicked by a genius part 2

I selected my Fuller’s London Pride, a great session beer for after work as the kick-off to a great evening.  I then searched the conceptual and preliminary food menu for something delicious.  Bratwurst and truffle fries it was.  My co-worker and co-drinker ended up with a beef kebab.

How the evening began…

I was pleased with the food options and though  I am not foodie, I enjoyed my appropriately sized meal.  The bartender was extremely generous and friendly, proving his expert knowledge of beer selections and pairings.  I should note that the preliminary menu did offer beer suggestions and pairings for each of the dishes, which is always a nice touch for those who want to enter the world of food and beer.  As the night proceeded the chef even came out to greet us and ask us how our meal was since the place had just recently opened within the last few weeks.  I did discover that he lived in Amsterdam and throws in some Indonesian influence into his dishes as was demonstrated by the peanut sauce that complemented my co-drinker’s beef kebab.

I was so thoroughly impressed that I may have ordered anywhere between 2 to 4 more beers, one of which was a sampler they offer of 5 5 oz. pours of anything on draft for $15.  Samplers rock my world.

All I know is that I will definitely be coming back to this lovely joint as the crowd was a good mix of Harlem that picked up significantly as the evening went on.

Harlem, here we come.  Next stop is Harlem Tavern (as reported by Eater).  I’m actually glad I work in the UES, really.

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