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Beer is the Best Gift When Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Parentals and Family

September 2, 2010

“Well, beer.  You knew this time would come.  My passion and love for you is now second to the new love of my life, Andrea.  I’m so sorry.  I hope you’re OK with this.  Talk to you soon.  Love, Joe”

The conversation above was harsh, but the words had to be spoken.  This Labor Day weekend I get to meet one entire side of my girlfriend’s extended family in addition to her parents at a hunting lodge in Platte, South Dakota.  Don’t ask, but it sounds like the start of a horror movie.  Now, obviously meeting them for the first time after a year of dating warrants some sort of gift.  So, what better gift to get than some local east coast beer?  What beers am I trying to stuff into my luggage?

My decision was made using a simple set of criteria:

  • Get them something they can’t find in South Dakota
  • Get them something that represents the east coast beer scene in a non-elitist manner
  • Remember Joe, you’re checking a small piece of luggage and have to haul it on public transportation to the airport in Newark

Fine.  For her parents I decided to grab two simple non-pretentious (they are modest Midwesterners after all) lagers that represent my love for east coast simplicity.  Brooklyn Lager and Yuengling Lager.  Laugh if you will, but these are the two most readily available and consistent beers that exist around New York City.  It’s what you get to drink when you can’t find that Kelso or Sixpoint beer you want.  Gift for parents, check.

Next up, the brother who happens to be a little bit more into beers.  I could sense this since I heard he was bringing a cooler full of ingeniously selected beers to the reunion.  I decided to opt for one gateway drug Belgian Strong Pale Ale in the form of Brooklyn Local 1 and one over the top Belgian Quadruppel beautifully showcased by an Ommegang Three Philosophers.  I think this pretty much represents the spectrum in terms of Belgian style ales and should be something he appreciates.

All of this (except for the Yuengling) will have to be picked up at the Whole Foods Bowery Beer Room (thanks BeerMenus) this evening.

Now to survive the weekend.

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