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Child Like Excitement for the Ox Cart Tavern and their Beer Offerings (Fat Tire?)

September 9, 2010

Ditmas Park is a hip place to live, but unfortunately with only a few commercial streets in the area and the rest of the ‘hood being comprised of Victorian houses, it tends to be somewhat lacking in bars.  A disclaimer needs to be added that I have quite an austere standard for the number of bars I need in a neighborhood.  In defense of Ditmas Park there are already an acceptable number of quality bars in the area.  But, I digress…

So, according to the Ditmas Park Blog, the Ox Cart Tavern is opening up this Friday.  Via an email from owner and Chef David Pitula, I was allowed to learn of their proposed and dynamic beer offerings.  In addition to the beer and wine, they will also have a full bar (once the liquor license comes through).

It seems they will start out with three beers on tap, Gaffel Kolsch, Abita Amber, and Bud.  The tap selection will be rotating with the one binding standard that a German beer will always be present.  As far as bottle, they will have Pabst, Heineken, Jever Pilsner, Gruut (a Belgian witbier) and many others which are still in the works.

Now for the interesting part.  They do have plans to incorporate beers like Anchor Steam, beers from Hitachino, and one that piqued my interest and causes me to squeal like a little kid, FAT TIRE.  But, I won’t get my hopes up as it’s all up to New Belgium and where they want to distribute.  All in all, a quality beer selection will be in place at the Ox Cart Tavern.

Save us New Belgium, you’re my only hope.  And, Ox Cart Tavern, if you could pull this off, you have my business for life.  If not, I’m sure your beer selection will still rock.

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