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What the Hell is Oktoberfest, the Beer?

September 22, 2010

Courtesy of Wikipedia

With the arrival of fall comes pumpkins, TV worth watching, hiding your fat under sweaters, corduroy, shorter days and Oktoberfest.  We all know Oktoberfest is a German festival full of lederhosen, girls in dirndls, and beer.  Some of us may know it celebrates a marriage, but I bet most of us don’t know what the beer Oktoberfest is.  Since most beer snobs and beer geeks would scoff at your lack of knowledge of the 372,456 different beer styles and their associated specific gravities, I present to you useful information.

When most of you go into a bar in New York City during the fall months, you probably notice a Sam Adams Oktoberfest or some iteration of this type of beer.  You’re most likely too scared to order it and quite possibly have no preconceived notions as to what it is.  Well.  Oktoberfest (also a Marzen) is a German lager.  Historically, it was brewed in March (Marzen) since blocks of ice could be cut and placed in caves to keep the beer over the spring and summer months.  Do you even care about this?  No.  So let’s cut to the chase.

I would like Oktoberfest if:

  • Caramel smells good
  • The sweeter things in life like baby chicks and flowers make me happy
  • Toast is my favorite breakfast food
  • Bitter coffee disgusts me
  • Creamy and smooth things against my tongue are game in my book
  • German sausages are delicious

I would hate Oktoberfest if:

  • Thicker liquids disgust me
  • Getting drunk is my first priority right now
  • Fall reminds me of going to high school

And, for the geeks – Oktoberfest

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