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Craft Beer Bar in the Dead Zone that Is Midtown East: Manchester Pub NYC

September 23, 2010

Just another nondescript bar... or is it?

There’s nothing better than trekking to Midtown East when the world’s leaders happen to be having an assembly at the United Nations.  Weaving in and out of the non New Yorker crowds that don’t know the rules of the sidewalk.  Waiting at each intersection for unmarked cars with important people being escorted back to the Econo Lodge.  Protesters.  But, it was well worth it as at the end of a long journey as I discovered Manchester Pub NYC, one of the growing quality beer meccas appearing in dead zones such as Midtown.

I walked to what looked like another generic pub with another generic name.  Of course, I knew beforehand that treasures that lay inside, particularly a selection of craft beers that happened to feature one of my current favorite breweries (or beer and ale project to be exact, click to the right to find out) Pretty Things.  So, I entered and was of course greeted by the clientèle expected in this area.  There were plenty of suits and dresses, with a smattering of most likely what were just random locals.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear The Postal Service, Kings of Leon and Regina Spektor on the overhead speakers rather than the usual loud and clunky classic rock that tends to permeate the air at bars in Midtown.  The bar guts were typical for those of your typical pub.  Musty, dark, long tables, tall tables, stools, a bar and unexpectedly, a ceiling that was adorned not with sexy babes that you could look up at, but with flags from some of the major craft brewers in this country. In my opinion, these are sexier than any other scantily clad woman.  Rogue.  So sexy.


I ordered up my beer a Pretty Things Baby Tree (a Quadruppel) and it was delicious.  Other options included Boddington’s, Duvel, Chimay,  Speakeasy beers, and your macros like Bud Light and Coors Light.  You get the drift.  Oh, and the beer menu is well written with Beer Advocate ratings, brewery, and ABV for each beer.

Pretty Things Baby Tree

I did notice there was some food and I did order some wings which were surprisingly crisp and good.  Sriracha and honey mustard were yummy.  Food is standard pub fare like nachos, sliders, burgers and random sandwiches.  For the $16 I dropped (minus tax and tip) I had a pleasantly good experience.  So what’s the skinny.

Where is this place: 920 Second Avenue, New York, NY

I would love this bar if:

  • I’m lost on the east side of Midtown and I need a craft beer
  • Guys and girls in suits turn me on
  • Hipster music every few songs makes me want to sing
  • Sriracha chicken wings sound good

I would hate this bar if:

  • Pub fare pisses me off
  • Skinny jeans and v-necks turn me on
  • I want to find something hip to do after this place
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  1. Bob permalink
    September 23, 2010 9:54 pm


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