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Six Point Sehr Crisp Lager – A Gateway Beer as an Alternative to Bud

September 23, 2010

Hey, psst!  Average beer drinker.  I’ll let you in on a secret.  Sixpoint (Brooklyn, represent!) beers are as ubiquitous in New York City craft beer world as banh mi are in the foodie world.  Drink a Sixpoint and your craft beer credibility graph shoots up through the roof.  So what’s the latest and greatest beer from this great brewery?  Sixpoint Sehr Crisp Lager.

For some reason I decided to take German in high school.  In retrospect that was probably pretty stupid of me since I work in a hospital and live in a city with a very large proportion of Spanish speaking residents.  But, that’s OK.  My German skills proved handy the minute I heard about Sehr Crisp Lager.  You see, sehr translates to very and Sixpoint you definitely brewed yourself a crisp lager. So what’s the deal with this beer?

Where can I find it?

  • I drank it at The Spotted Pig a gastropub in the West Village – its also at 24 other bars in NYC

Who would drink this?

  • Beer enthusiast

I would like this beer if:

  • Well carbonated products tickle my nose and tummy and make me giggle like a little kid
  • Budweiser and Coors are great
  • I just started dating a beer lover, I hate craft beers but I want to impress them
  • Malt is something you love
  • Bitter coffee sucks
  • My hamburger’s lonely and she needs to be setup with a beer

I would not like this beer if:

  • I think all lagers are the same regardless of who makes them, dull, flavorless and for really boring people
  • Brooklyn sucks
  • I could care less about my beer credibility
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