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Pretty Things Baby Tree – Drink This to Boost Your Beer Cred

September 24, 2010


While Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project is one of my current favorite brewers of beer with a great vision and mastery of the brewing process, I am quite often amused about their naming conventions.  I strongly urge you to read about the story of Baby Tree, one of their very delicious beers.  That’s right, it’s called Baby Tree.  Read on to find out more about this Baby Tree.

Baby Tree is a quadrupel that is basically a style of beer, but not really.  It’s as confusing as those people who say they’re dating but they’re not dating, so I won’t even bore you with the story.  A quadrupel is generally used to label a strong dark Belgian beer.  By strong, I mean 9% to 11% ABV which is freaking potent.  I’ve made many mistakes of drinking beers like this way too fast so I warn you ahead of time.  So, yes I’ll get to the point about this oddly named beer.

Where did I drink this? Manchester Pub, 920 Second Avenue (warning their beers rotate)

I would like this beer if:

  • Fruity smells like stuff from bath and body works make me happy
  • Raisins, plums, and malt mashed up together sounds like a good time
  • The taste of alcohol is great
  • I eat chocolate items all day long

I would not like this beer if:

  • The taste of alcohol is not so great
  • I’m self conscious about ordering something called Pretty Things Baby Tree
  • I hate Belgian waffles, moules frites and anything to do Belgium
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