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Brooklyn Pilsner – Light and Flavorful for Drinking All Day

September 26, 2010

Had this after my 16.4 mile run, with a frittata

It sounds as if I’m advertising a diet soda, but Brooklyn Pilsner is in no way, and should never be labeled, a diet beer.  In fact, I decided I needed one with brunch to complement my protein heavy frittata.  That’s right, beer and eggs is a great way to start the day with a brunch.  Read on to learn more about this beer.

Brooklyn Pilsner (from the Gods at Brooklyn Brewery) is not worth trying to describe as its flavors come from the ingredients that are in it.  For those that care, Pils malt and Saaz hops come to mind.  For those that don’t and that are getting tired of Bud, Coors, and other lagers, try this one out.  Seriously.

Where did I drink this beer? Picket Fence, 1310 Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn, NY

I would like this beer if:

  • Bud, we need to break up
  • Pale people and pale things float my boat
  • I need a drinking partner that will last me all day without getting me too drunk (I am drinking all day)
  • Bitter is good

I would not like this beer if:

  • My taste buds just don’t like its unique flavor (but it was worth a shot)
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