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You Fooled Me, Irish Pub

September 29, 2010


There isn’t much to say to generic Irish Pubs other than to thank them for their ubiquitous nature, ability to provide us with an average selection of alcohol in any part of the city, decent happy hour specials, great people watching and the occasional I shouldn’t have done that.  You know what I’m talking about.  That’s right.

I can’t really help but notice when a self-proclaimed  Irish drinking spot stands out of the crowd and provides us New Yorkers with f****** awesome beer.

Swift Hibernian Lounge has been on my shortlist of craft beer bars to visit and what better time than to go during NY Craft Beer Week.  Shame on me for not having been here before.

The inside is pretty run of the mill for a craft beer place. Pretty wood everywhere, a smattering of random things on walls that I’m sure have some meaning and chalk boards with everything you can order, including the weirdest pub fare compilation you could imagine.  The front area has a main bar and stool-wall seating with one or two romantic booths.  Yes, it’s actually somewhat romantic in there (good for the girls, and good beer for you), though I wouldn’t try to propose.  Well, maybe.  The back area is ideal for larger crowds with plenty of tables that seat 4-5 and a long ass bench in the middle of the room.

Long ass bench


If you’re interested I ordered up a Pretty Things American Darling, a Brooklyn Dark Matter, and a Pretty Things Jack D’or.  Obsession with Pretty Things, yes.  Their draft menu was well picked, check for the latest selections, since the drafts rotate.  Among other beers on draft there was Belhaven Scottish Ale, Victory Festbier, most of the Brooklyn reserves and other good stuff that one would be very satisfied with.  Look up for the bottled beer selection.

Pretty Things American Darling is pretty

Oh, and I also ordered the spicy lamb sandwich and curry fries which were quite good for my taste.

So what’s the function?

Where is this place: 34 East 4th Street, New York, NY

I would like this bar if:

  • It’s always damn near impossible to bring a larger group to any place in Manhattan
  • Being able to hear the large group of friends I brought would be nice
  • I want to see the weirdest (though it’s good) pub fare in the world (ceviche, really?)
  • Romantic bar with good beer kills two birds with one stone

I would not like this bar if:

  • Why can’t a craft bar place be sceney
  • It’s to close to BBar
  • Only high class food and beer pairings need apply
  • Long benches scare me
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