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Bon Chon isn’t a Craft Beer Bar, Dummy

October 4, 2010
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Editor’s note: I warned you this wasn’t your father’s beer blog full of boring tasting notes, beer %ABV, and pretentious craft beer bars write-ups.  I present to you Bon Chon Chicken the craft beer bar in disguise.

Korean fried chicken and beer

When you think of fried chicken you probably conjure up some images of Bud, Coors, or Miller and a delicious bucket of KFC, Popeyes or that delicious super market stuff in the display case you get for $5.99.  Not so much when you think of Korean fried chicken, huh?  Well, I had a random craving for some Korean fried chicken after work but so desperately needed to bring yet another gem in the world of beer to my readers, so why not see if I could make this work.  Did I?  Read on.

I’m a regular reader of Midtown Lunch (Midtown and Downtown), one of the best food blogs in New York City and I was intrigued by the August opening of the Bon Chon in K-town, particularly because it was, “more than just fried chicken.”

Turns out it’s actually a beer garden!  So, I decided to TOFTT and check it out on this rainy October day.

Bon Chon Beer Garden, intriguing

I was pleasantly surprised when I perused through the menu and noticed some craft beer power players in the beer world.  Goose Island IPA, Brooklyn Lager, and Red Hook ESB (all around $6 to $7) were listed among the usual players like Bud, Stella, Heineken and Corona.  I may have also squealed like a little pig when I saw the following sign on the table listing local breweries like Southampton and Captain Lawrence.  They also have a full bar.  I quickly did a double take to make sure I wasn’t at the wrong place.  Maybe the hangover from NY Craft Beer Week gave me a mild case of psychopathy.  But, I was as my co-worker assured me we were at Bon Chon on Fifth Avenue, between 32nd and 33rd.

What!? Korean's know their beer...

Now, unfortunately since this place just opened up, said beers were mostly not available and I settled for a Brooklyn Pilsner, which wasn’t even listed.  But, I’m willing to overlook that epic fail and note that this is a place that I could possibly grow to love.

Of course, I ordered fried chicken and it was exactly what I expected, delicious, fattening and Korean.  Being Asian, I naturally ordered a side of rice.


I quickly finished my meal so I could run home and write this up to spread to all 40 readers of this blog.  But, I was delayed because my ears and eyes were treated with this:

Boyz II Men!

So, I listened for a bit, paid the bill and headed out.  Oh, and if you must know what the place looks like.

The insides

The insides

So what’s the deal?

Where is this place?  325 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY (between 32nd and 33rd)

I would like this place if:

  • Craft beer and Korean fried chicken is my food pairing of choice
  • Boyz II Men forever has a place in my heart
  • I’m shopping at Macy’s for some Nautica and I just need some decent beer and food

I would not like this place if:

  • I’m frugal and $33 for 2 beers and a medium order of chicken is a little steep
  • Pop music irritates me (heard some Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys and Evanescence)
  • I’m too cool for K-town
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  1. Bob permalink
    October 4, 2010 9:53 pm

    Boyz II Men!!!

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