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The Versatile Anytime Beer – Captain Lawrence Freschester Pale Ale

October 10, 2010

Captain Lawrence Freschester Pale Ale... yum

Labeling something a “go-to” is quite the honor in your own personal world of award shows. Go to brunch, go to bar and go to beer all refer to something of consistent and high quality that brings you some mighty fine pleasure.  That’s why on behalf of myself Joe and the Joe committee on all things good, I would like to honor Captain Lawrence’s Freschester Pale Ale as one of my go to beers.

Captain Lawrence Brewing Company is located in the infamous Pleaseantville of Westchester county, home of suburban yuppies and a median income of  $86,632 according to the always true souce, Wikipedia.  It’s one of the well known and up and coming New York State craft breweries.  Enough about history, what about Freschester Pale Ale.

Well, it’s a pale ale, duh.  It’s an all around well-balanced drinkable beer.  It looks more beautiful with its amber sexiness in a glass than my girlfriend.  Just kidding, girlfriend.  Smells like citrus.  Who doesn’t love trees and fruit?  Oh, and it’s so refreshing, light and crisp that it’s almost thirst quenching, except for the fact that beer dehydrates you.

So what’s the deal, yo?

Where did I drink this? On a boat (Manhattan by Sail) – Scroll down to the craft beer tasting.  Don’t know if it’s always Captain Lawrence beers, but that was our trip.

I would like this beer if:

  • Balance is the key to life (not too hoppy, not too malty, not too light)
  • Westchester in da house
  • My house is full of citrus potpourri
  • I eat Mexican food all the time

I would not like this beer if:

  • Hops, no way
  • I’m ashamed to drink a beer this light and sexy
  • Westchester is for yuppies
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