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Have a Drink Where Governor David Paterson Grew Up

October 19, 2010

The Fulton Grand on the corner of Fulton and Grand

Living in the BK, I don’t really ever find myself in the Clinton Hill/Fort Greene area, particularly because there isn’t really a good way to get there via public transportation unless I want to ride on the infamous G train.  But, there may be a good reason to go there other than reliving Governor David Patterson’s childhood.  It’s called The Fulton Grand and it’s yet another damn good bar in the Brooklyn.  Read on.

For any of you folk that have been to Washington Commons in Prospect Heights or Fourth Avenue Pub in Park Slope, The Fulton Grand is their bastard child.  All the bars are owned by the same entity.  Standing on the corner of Fulton Street and Grand Avenue, it takes after its parents traits of being an unassuming bar with a neighborhood feel.  Walk in and you’re greeted with two rather small areas, a small formal bar that seats 10-12 with wall seating and a back area with a couple of large tables and benches.  Can you say, wood everywhere?

The main bar area

The back area, though it's not that hazy in real life. That's just my camera.

Of course, being a sister bar of two of the greatest bars in Brooklyn, The Fulton Grand has quite an amazing beer selection, which is a little bit more obscure than your typical craft beer bar.  You can check it out here, as it constantly rotate.  To prove it,  I myself enjoyed a Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron, a damn strong brown ale that tastes like engine oil and alcohol.  My lovely girlfriend and fellow c0-drinker enjoyed a Flying Dog Raging Batch, also know as a Belgian Pale Ale (thanks Beer Advocate, for your geeky reviews).  And, the other draft offerings include such beers as Allagash Victor, Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold, and Hill Farmstead Abner.  The bottle selection includes things like Cigar City Sea Bass and De Dolle Dulle Teve, huh?   The beer is on the slightly more expensive side being $6-$8 for most beers.

Being a basic neighborhood drinking hole, there was no sight of a menu or board for food I could order.  That’s fine.  And, from what I eavesdropped of the conversations people were having around me, most of them were local patrons, which makes sense considering this place is in the middle of nowhere.  Honestly, there’s not much more I can say about this place.  It’s a nice bar with good beer, something that’s still increasingly hard to find these days.

Where is this place? 441 Grand Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

I would like this bar if:

  • I live in Clinton Hill
  • Neighborhood watering holes are my destination bars
  • I want an obscure beer selection… even more obscure than most craft beer bars
  • Governor David Paterson rocks

I would not like this bar if:

  • The A,C suck
  • I’m afraid of dingy and woody bars
  • Obscure and slightly more expensive beer sucks because I have no idea what I’m drinking

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