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Heartland Brewery, It’s Like Applebees But More Awesome

October 26, 2010


By the lovely Port Authority


The Heartland Brewery.  I would be willing to bet that every New Yorker has been to one either as a last resort or out of sheer curiosity as to what the heck this place is all about.   They make their own beer which is kinda cool.  But, on the other hand, do I really want to deal with those damn tourists?  Well, I decided to take an adventure and head to one after work and decided on visiting the lovely (yet shady) Port Authority incarnation of the Heartland Brewery that also happens to have gluten-free options!  Read more about this possibly amazing experience.

When you walk in you’re greeted with exactly what you expect, a very large bar/restaurant fit with kitschy decorations on the walls designed to fascinate non-New Yorkers.  You could say that it’s kind of like a big Applebees, except a lot cooler because of the beer.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get decent pictures as my camera is a POS, but just trust me on this one.

So, I grabbed a table with my fellow co-drinkers and we decided to get started with the beer.  I decided I should take on a sampler to enjoy their multitude of brews that they call their own.  Now, I’ve been here before but I’ve never really taken in the time to absorb all the beer offerings, so I ended up with this baby below costing me around $15.  I may be off though, can’t remember.


Aww, yeah!


Now, I have to say I’m not a fan of all their interpretations of the styles but my two favorite beers were the Cornhusker Lager, a downright delicious typical lager, and the Red Rooster Ale a sweeter version of an amber ale.  The beer menu is below and they do have many seasonal offerings like stouts, pumpkin beers, etc.  By the way, their brewmaster is also the Kelly Taylor of Kelso of Brooklyn, a great local brewery.

They do happen to have quite the big menu, and though I’m not a fan of most things, I do have to say their HB Burger is quite delicious in the sense that it’s moist, juicy and well seasoned.  They do have a more uppity burger joint called HB Burger which serves the said burger and all the same beer plus more interpretations of hamburgers.  I would happily frequent if it wasn’t so damn close to Times Square.


Some of the beer options


Honestly, the place isn’t half bad and as a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of one of the most visited cities in the world.  Yup.  So here’s the deal.

Where is this place? 625 8th Avenue (at 41st Street) New York, NY

I would like this place if:

  • I’m desperate for a craft beer
  • I don’t mind chain pub food
  • Tourists are hot
  • I want to try a decent burger or I can’t eat gluten
  • The shadiness of Port Authority is where it’s at

I would not like this place if:

  • I want a quiet laid back evening
  • I hate large chain like places
  • Those damn tourists need a tourist lane on the sidewalk
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