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Street Meat and Beer Part 1 – What Beer Goes With Street Meat?

November 2, 2010

I figured a commentary on something else other than beers and bars might be in store for those of you that are getting bored with my mundane routines.

I went to the Vendy Awards this year and without going too much into how eating and drinking virtually infinite amounts of food is an out of this world experience, I was reminded the other day of a silent auction item I won that day.  This silent auction item says something like, “A Citizen Judge Spot at Midtown Lunch’s 4th Annual Street Meat Palooza.”

So, besides the obvious excitement and anticipation I harbor for this event, it got me thinking about what kind of beer would go with Street Meat, or in particular lamb/chicken over rice.  Now, I’m not Garrett Oliver, but I do often find myself thinking about what beer goes with what I’m eating and most often I will try to drink a certain type of beer with that food.

Naturally, I am inclined to drink what normally goes well with lamb/chicken the primary ingredients of delicious street meat, but then I realized there’s a new factor in this game… that white sauce.  Luckily there are options to go with that delicious and creamy white sauce in terms of complementing it while washing away all that fat and flushing your mouth for the next fatty fork full.  So here goes my attempt at picking out some beers for you to try with that delicious Street Meat.

  • Belgian TripelTripel Karmeliet, Unibroue La Fin Du Monde, or Chimay Tripel – The blazing high alcohol in these beers will wash away any of that fatty oils from the meat or white sauce, plus I always find that spicy, yeasty and clove like taste of lighter colored Belgians to be a good complement with whiter meats.  Also, it’s good to be slightly tipsy when eating delicious street meat.
  • Saison Pretty Things Jack D’or, Saison Dupont, or Smuttynose Farmhouse Ale – A little more fruitier than the beer above and somewhat clove like, but basically the same deal
  • American IPAStone IPA, Green Flash West Cost IPA, or Harpoon IPA – High alcohol, bitter, citrus-like and outright delicious.  The alcohol is high enough to match the street meat and wash away the fatty white sauce for that next bite

Stay tuned for when I actually try one of these pairings out.

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