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Good Beer Near Atlantic Center Lets You Drink After Running Errands – Fourth Avenue Pub

November 23, 2010

The front of Fourth Avenue Pub

Atlantic Center is a lifesaver for all of us Brooklynites.  Among the many businesses situated here are Target, Pathmark, DSW, Guitar Center, and fine dining like Applebees and Buffalo Wild Wings.  It’s also the primary junction of all things mass transit serving as the intersection of most subway lines and some Long Island Rail Road trains.  But, after all the errand running and fine dining, where the heck can you grab a beer?  Well, I have the answer.  Walk down 4th Avenue and visit the Fourth Avenue Pub (they have a Myspace page).  Read on for all the beery goodness.

As I had previously mentioned, Fourth Avenue Pub ( listing) is owned by the same people that gave us the fine establishments Washington Commons and Fulton Grand, two of my favorite drinking spots in good old Brooklyn.  All the bars fit into my opinion of a fine craft beer bar.  Warm, woody, inviting, friendly, dimly lit, and a well picked beer collection.  But, wait.  The Fourth Avenue Pub throws a new bone in the game by offering free popcorn.  Yes, my friends… free popcorn.  And, wait, there is more.  They provide salt and Old Bay seasoning as choices for topping.  Should I stop writing now and let you head over there?  Probably, but I will entice you more.


The eerie glow of free popcorn

There is plenty on tap and in bottle and you can find their draft list on  I myself started off with a Samichlaus (yes it’s brewed once a year on December 6th) from 2008 for $9.  I then proceeded to drink a De Ranke XX Bitter (Beer Advocate reviews) and an Ommegang BPA (a Belgian Pale Ale which is fruity, crisp and pretty light and one of my favorite New York State beers).  Their draft list has plenty from Stone, Lagunitas, Sixpoint, Southern Tier, while their bottle list is very extensive.  Trust me, you won’t be bored for beer here.

For those of  you concerned about the innards of the bar.  It’s everything you could expect.  Some big wooden booths, ample bar seating, smaller tables and an outdoor garden area.  The people are mostly locals and the bartenders are more than cordial.  Oh, and I thought I would add that the music here is hipster-ish since I heard two Sleigh Bells songs.  Still, it provided a nice soft backdrop of raging guitars and female vocals.


The back area

If you’re hungry, the bar itself does not serve food, but they have a handy binder full of take out menus from everything in the area which of course is laden with everything from Australian to Indian.  You can eat said take out in the bar.  Honestly, there isn’t much more I can say about this place except that it’s the perfect safe haven for beer when you’re in the area.

Where is this place? 76 4th Avenue between Bergen and St. Marks

I would like this bar if:

  • I want a fairly large craft beer draft and bottle selection
  • I don’t have enough money to eat food and want to mooch the free popcorn
  • I just got done shopping with the girl and need a drink

I would not like this bar if:

  • Communal self-serve popcorn is infested with bacteria
  • Whatever happened to some good rock like Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’
  • I like bars that serve food



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