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Sick Of All The Early Holiday Decor – Grab A Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale

November 24, 2010


Christmas time is here...

I’m sure by now you’ve walked into stores and have been driven into sensory overload with all the holiday music and decorations.  Yes, I know.  It’s not even Thanksgiving, but you might as well deal with it, jump on the bandwagon and start drinking a holiday beer.  Enter Sierra Nevada’s Celebration Ale.  Read on.

Folks, there’s not much to say about this beer other than that it’s a simple delicious beer to go with the holidays.  Sierra Nevada’s Celebration Ale is an American IPA with a little bit of panache.  You see, my friends, they add fresh hops into the beer meaning that they are quickly put in the batch of beer within 7 days of being processed from the fields.  And, that’s all I have to say about that.

This one’s a basic beer.  It takes you back to memories of the holidays with it’s pine like smell.  It’s an unobtrusive crisp and somewhat bitter beer that could probably go with all the holiday grub you will be eating over the next month.  Might as well go for the gold right and throw some beer into the mix, right?

Where did I get this beer? My local bodega which is right about here

I would like this beer if:

  • This holiday madness has got me a little stressed and bitter
  • I don’t like the typical winter beers AKA dark and heavier beers
  • I need a good go “to beer” I can pretty much find anywhere (that is while it’s in season)

I would not like this beer if:

  • Traditional winter beers for me please
  • My middle name is Scrooge
  • Fresh hops, that sounds disgusting
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