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It’s 55 Degrees Outside – But That Won’t Stop Me From Posting About My Favorite Winter Beers

February 14, 2011

The porter is a favorite winter beer of mine, and yes it's in a stemless wine glass...

First, happy Valentine’s Day, my fellow New Yorkers.  I wish all of you the best of luck with whatever you had planned.  Whether it’s a high brow dinner at ABC Kitchen, or a simple evening at White Castle, it’s always somewhat more stressful than it usually is.

Now, the odd part about today is that it’s 55 degrees Fahrenheit today.  From what I can recall, if the painful memories of biting wind on my eyeballs and perpetually shivering haven’t been erased from my memory, it was 15 degrees a few weeks ago.  It’s also only mid-February and there are at least a few snowfalls left and a handful of frigid days as well.  So what do I drink in the winter?  Well, I drink what everyone else does. Porters, stouts and dark Belgians.  Read about this porter I found at my local grocery store.

While imperial porters and stouts are more my liking (because of the warming characteristics of high alcohol content), I do enjoy simple straight up porters in the winter.  Porters are often smoother and thicker beers that are a little sweet, malty and chocolate like in terms of smell and taste.  Eel River Porter (coming to us from Cali) falls slightly outside this category into the Robust Porter segment.  Think a little bit more burnt and roasted.  It’s well-balanced in terms of no overwhelming bitterness, malty or alcoholic like flavor.  That evening, I had some brie as a pre-dinner snack and it went together like Brooklyn and locally sourced and organic foods.

Where did I get this beer? Key Food – – 3221 Newtown Avenue, Astoria, NY 11102

I would like this beer if:

  • Winter is getting me down and I just need a day-to-day beer to get by
  • I have a sweet tooth
  • I like the burnt cheese you get when you bake lasagna

I would not like this beer if:

  • I need a little bit more alcohol to warm my body
  • Isn’t burnt supposed to be bad?

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