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Brewing Beer Is One Big Mess – Drink These Beers While You Do It

February 27, 2011


So you want to make a mess of your kitchen

Brewing beer is a freakin’ mess and as much as I love and cherish the delicious drink that is the end product, the whole process is itself is just one big shit show.  So to my dismay, my friend decided that he wanted to get into home brewing.  Figuring that it would improve my karma to help him out and also knowing that one of the requirements of brewing beer is that you just drink beer during the whole time, I decided to accompany him on his journey of making a mess in his kitchen.  Read further if you want to see some fun antics.

My friend picked up his own home brewing kit at the Whole Foods Bowery Beer Room. They have quite a fair selection of various home brewing supplies, including equipment kits, ingredient kits and fun fun accessories like wort chillers.  He picked up an equipment kit and a Belgian Tripel Kit by Brewer’s Best.  While this is not the “exact” way most brewing is done, it’s close enough.  I’m sure the next time I brew all-grain I will document it for your sadistic pleasure.


The kit

He also thoughtfully picked up one of the beers we were to drink at New Beer Distributors, a supposed beer mecca.  I guess I’ll have to stop by.  The Pretty Things was from the aforementioned beer room.

So we popped open our beers.  A Pretty Thing Baby Tree and an Avery The Czar Imperial Stout.



Both were delicious and welcome accompaniments to all the brewing that was going on.  The Baby Tree smelled just like babies (bananas, cloves, and bubble gum) and tasted dark, sweet and fruity.  The The Czar Imperial Stout smelled and tasted just like an imperial stout should, dark, chocolate like, and hits of coffee.  If you like one of these beers, you’d likely like the other.

So after getting sufficiently happy, we brewed and brewed.




Put it in the fermenter


Medical degree

So, now all that’s left to do is wait a couple of months and we have a great Belgian Tripel on our hands. Score.


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