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Work (in the UES). I’m Done and I Need a Drink Now – Earl’s Beer and Cheese

May 17, 2011

When we’re not at home sleeping or outside in the park running, we work.  As we get older, we get more responsibility, people report to us, we’re accountable for results, and we need to solve everything.  All this exhausts me, and frankly, I’m slightly tired.  So where do I go when I’m finished helping health care systems stay alive?  For me, it’s going to be Earl’s Beer and Cheese.

I discovered Earl’s Beer and Cheese after reading a New York Magazine article ( in the comfort of my bed after a hard day.  I thought t myself, “this place looks cool,” looked at the address and realized it was a block away from work.  I made a mental note and decided I would head here in the future.  Enter, future.

What a tiny little place...

Earl’s Beer and Cheese is a tiny place, with a long communal bench, a small table up front and a wall table that can seat 4.  With it’s tiny nature, comes tiny, yet deftly selected offerings.  There is a small selection of rotating beers for which included a Firestone Walker Double Jack IPA, Ballast Point IPA, a Pilsner, something else and a bunch of crafty cans.  Oh, and there are wines.  Oh, and there was a bar.

A bar...

As far as food offerings, they have quite the selection of cheese.  While, I’m not the cheese connoisseur, some pediatric resident’s assured me (by their loud tone of voice) that the cheese this place had was, “impressive,” and I must say it was good.

They also have some delish menu items like grilled cheese with pork belly, kimchi and some sort of cheese as well as a seasonal pickle plates with Korean things, beets, asparagus, green beans and some other thing you can pickle.  All I can say was that it was all f-in good.

Grilled cheese with pork belly is phenomenal

I left happy and that’s all I need to know.  I don’t care if it was in the UES.  I don’t care if it’s right above the Metro North tracks.  It was perfect.  It soothed my woes.  Thanks, Earl.

Where is this place – 1259 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10029

I would like this place if:

  • I work at an academic medical center in the UES
  • I like a small menu of beers that someone picks for me (3 or 4 beers)
  • I like cheese

I would not like this place if:

  • I want more choices
  • I want a specific beer that will most likely not end up on this list
  • Why the heck am I in the UES?
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