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Two and a Half Months in the New Apartment – Time to Homebrew

August 19, 2011

It’s been over two and a half months since I moved into a brand spanking new apartment, i.e. new to me, making my New York City places of residence background quite complex.  We have Astoria, Ditmas Park, back to Astoria and now the Upper West Side.  All that moving aside, I think it’s time to brew up a batch of beer to celebrate the move.  With all the wonderful styles of beer out there to brew, the thought process was quite simple.

  1. This beer will most likely take 4-8 weeks to ferment and that brings us to falling leaves, sweaters and corduroys
  2. I’m having a chili, wine and beer party and maybe brewing something to pair with the chili would be a good idea
  3. What haven’t I brewed yet?

Sum all those parts together and we’ve got myself an Imperial Belgian Influenced IPA.  You can see some of the ingredients (and some of the random things I needed in the picture above).  In the end it will be a simple exercise in simplicity using one malt, one hop and two styles of yeast.  Of, course this will be an exercise in all-grain (versus using malt extract), so that should be exciting.

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