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After 6 Hours of Brewing, The Airlock Better Be Bubblin’

August 21, 2011

After six or so hours of the brewing process – mashing, sparging, and boiling, fermentation has begun, as proven by the nifty video I took, using my phone, of the airlock bubbling.  It’s carbon dioxide expelling from the wort.  I made a simplistic imperial India pale ale, using 13 lbs of Rahr 6 row malt and 8 or so ounces of citra hops, with maybe 2 more ounces of cascade for dry hopping.  Read ahead for my description of the brewing process.

In a nutshell, for those two dozen people who read this blog who may not know about brewing, I soaked the 13lbs of grain in a shit ton water at 158 degrees for about an hour.  Then, I drained the water, put it back in, drained it again and put it back in, repeating this iteration for awhile.  Then I rinsed the grains in even more water over a long period of time and boiled all the water I drained.  Sigh.

Then I added some hops, transferred the wort to a bucket, threw in two yeasts, Belgian strong ale and American ale.  And, you get the bubblin’.

Woohoo for beer.

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