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Interesting, What a Peculier Pub

September 29, 2011

I wish I had picture, since a picture is worth a thousand words.  I guess I could go back and take one, but the probability that this would happen is pretty much nil.  So here’s my attempt to describe the pub I went to last night.

It’s in the Village.  It’s close to NYU, though the clientele on a Wednesday night was more a combination of some mid-twenty hipsters, a random outlier bridge and tunnel couple that asked me what I was drinking and proceeded to flatter me by ordering the Southern Tier Pumking, and some regular New Yorkers.  Seats were available.

It’s set at a slightly subterranean level and feels that way.  Cool, damp, and dingy.  The walls have your archetypal beer signs.  Random columns have beer caps cemented into them.  The booths are like old and brown wooden church pews with very functional bare bones tables.   The ceiling is white and it’s falling down in a stalactite manner.  The jukebox is neat, with the Flaming Lips, Radiohead, and Ratatat.  The smell is undergraduate.  It’s a dive bar.

The beer selection is quite good, displayed in greasy menus, most likely handled by thousands of drunk and dirty college kids, and sorted by country of origin.  For the U.S. beers it’s at the level of states.

I found most of my generic go-to beers on the list – Ommegang Three Philosopher’s, Brooklyn Chocolate Stout, Victor Prima Pils, Stone, Rogue, etc.

There are some unique ones on the list too like an Ice Bock and San Miguel.  Well, not so much the San Miguel, but I figured it’s worth a mention as a Filipino staple.

The draft list was well curated rounded out by  a River Horse Tripel, Six Point Sweet Action, 21st Amednment Black IPA, and Stone Arrogant bastard, with fun selections from Avery, Founders, Captain Lawrence, Weihenstephaner, etc.

It is, as solely demonstrated by their beer list, a craft beer bar, but a whole lot more.  Come here for a divey atmosphere.  Come here for some college kids.  Come here for a good beer.  Oh, and the food is kind of just there and to be expected.

This bar is at – 145 Bleecker Street, New York, NY b/t Laguardia and Thompson

I would like this bar if –

  • Divey places with good beer selections is where I want to spend my night
  • I want a jukebox with a few good indie hits
  • College

I would not like this bar if –

  • My date for the night is in a cocktail dress
  • I want to feel clean
  • I like light





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