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It’s Time For…

January 25, 2012

Brooklyn Wort.

It’s a homebrewing contest in Brooklyn where, if you happen to get into the competition, you’re beers are showcased on a lovely day in April as judges and regular people vote on your brew.

Luckily, to accommodate high demand, the entry process has changed a little. You submit a beer, they let you know if you’re in or out, and then you enter a beer that was not necessarily the one you submitted first. Neat.

Although, I dislike IPAs, for the first round I will be submitting an Belgian-influenced Imperial IPA brewed using a heck of a lot of Rahr 6-row, Citra hops and a blend of American/Belgian yeasts. Let’s hope it turns out for the best as I do hate brewing within style guidelines.

At first impression I didn’t sense any Belgian qualities (uh oh, Spagghetti-o) except maybe some spicy phenols in the nose, probably because the hops conceal a lot, including my brewing errors, muahaha. But,it is conditioning in the bottle, so maybe some intricate subtleties will rise through. Oh, and I hope I don’t get docked on the haziness of the beer because of all that damn protein.

For my attempt at improving my all-grain brewing skills, I would say this wasn’t so bad. Ended up with 75 percent efficiency, I know, laughable. Forgot the gravities, but it should end up in the 9% ABV, or the lower end of Imperial IPAs.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Scott Stroh permalink
    January 25, 2012 7:05 pm

    This would be fun!! Too bad its not closer. I can’t ship 5 gallons 😦

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