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Every Day at 5:00 PM I Think About What I Want to Drink at Night – Unibroue Maudite

January 26, 2012

As the clock approaches 5:00 P.M., I often think about what I want to drink in the evening. I usually evaluate how bad of a day it was, or vice versa, how well it went.  I consider if I am going on a run or not.  If I do, I err on the side of stronger beers to make the legs feel good.  I think about what I am in the mood for dinner.  I basically think of a lot of things in a quantitative and qualitative way.  So, what did I end up with today?

A Unibroue Maudite.  If you read my past post, I like Belgians and Unibroue is a favorite Canada based brewery of mine. Back in my less-than-good beer phase, I actually had one of these, tried it, was quite shocked, but continued to try it over and over.  Hence, my love for beer developed.

So, what’s this all about. Maudite is a Belgian strong dark ale by definition. In practice, it’s dark amber beer, with a signature complex Belgian aroma that’s breast, spicy and fruity. It’s crisp on your tongue, just like a coke, which, of course leaves you smiling after every sip.

Seriously. This beer is just good.

I got this beer from – Pioneer, 289 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY

I would like this beer if –

  • I like complex, strong beers
  • I like fruit and spice
  • I want something to stand up to that spicy food I am eating

I would not like this beer if –

  • I just don’t like Belgian beer
  • I just don’t like Belgian beer
  • I just don’t like Belgian beer
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