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Trying to Find Every American Made Belgian-Style Beer Out There? Drink River Horse, Tripel Horse

January 26, 2012

Tripel Horse next to napkins

Not sure if I’ve made my strong proclivity towards Belgian beers known on this blog, but from this day forward you will know that I enjoy and partake in many things Belgian. Moules Frites, beer, and Eddy Merckx. It’s all good. So, naturally I try to find as many Belgian beers as possible and my latest rampage has been finding American made  Belgian -style beers.  Read on.A lot of American breweries make good Belgians with Ommegang leading the way. My personal opinion, of course.  But, beers like Victory’s Golden Monkey and Unibroue (in Canada, I know) prove that American brewers can brew Belgian-style beers.  So, in my quest to find another beer, I stumbled upon River Horse, Tripel Horse.

From what I can Google, River Horse is a brewery in New Jersey opened up by some finance folk.  Always, a good story, they seem dedicated to beer.  Well, Tripel Horse is just like your basic Tripel.  Hitting around 10% ABV, it’s gold in color, spicy and fruity, extremely complex aroma.  It tastes of malt, alcohol, and the same fruitiness and spiciness in the nose. It also packs a crisp bite.

In the end, it’s a worthy tribute to a Tripel worth trying.  Then again all beers are worth trying, even the macro ones.

I got this beer from – Pioneer – 289 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY 10023

I would like this beer if –

  • I like fruity, spicy and complex beers
  • I need one beer to pack a punch
  • Go Eddy!

I would not like this beer if

  • I don’t like band aid, plastic, medicinal type tastes in a good way
  • Eddy doped
  • I can’t control the pace I drink my beers and may just end up chugging this
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  1. Wendy Littlefield permalink
    January 31, 2012 11:44 am

    Hi Eddie, Thanks for the shout out on Ommegang beers. We are the people who founded that brewery. Run import company Vanberg & DeWulf I would be interested to talk to you about how many Belgian style beers you have tried so far in the US. # is growing by leaps and bounds. Fun site and love your little map! Best, Wendy Littlefield

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