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Pairing the Tripel – That Sounds Like a Math Concept

February 5, 2012


As a consequence of exclusively drinking Belgian beers for the last few weeks, I figured it would be a good time to write about a beer and food pairing I’ve been pondering lately. How do you pair the Tripel? Read on for today’s pairing example.

For those of you that would like to know more about the Tripel, click here. In a quick summary, usually smells spicy, fruity and malty. In terms of taste, there should be an alcohol presence with a complementing spicy, fruity feel as well as a bit of hops. Underneath that should be a malty almost soft caramel like taste. As far as how it makes your mouth feel, It should be quite carbonated and have a nice dry bite.

So, I Googled Belgian Tripel food pairing, or something of that sort and got a bunch of interesting hits. People seem to think its hard to pair, with cheese being a commonly suggested pairing in one thread I perused. Others say earthy and gamey type meals would suffice. While taste is certainly subjective, I think I have found a fun one.

Enter Granddaisy Bakery and their ridiculously delicious Pizza Funghi. It’s an earthy blend of cremini mushrooms, thyme and onions on a thin and mind blowing crispy crust. If you haven’t figured it out, I love their pizza.

What makes this pairing special? Well, let’s call this pizza earthy. Thyme, mushrooms and onions earthy, to be exact. The spicy, peppery and sometimes floral/fruity herbal character of the Tripel complements the earthy pizza well. Don’t think so? Well Garret Oliver says tripels complement cassoulets and we know those are damn earthy. Ha. How’s that for name dropping.

But in all seriousness, I personally believe food and beer is subjective and if to like it together, you like it. Though, guidance can often be useful. Especially, if you try to pair something like a Pale Ale with extremely fishy sushi. Good luck.

Oh, and the Tripel I used today was a Victory Golden Monkey.

Bon appetit! Oh, and a shot out to my future wife. I got engaged this weekend. Bam.

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