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Pok Pok Wing

February 18, 2012


A few weeks ago, after drinking at a semi-open, but wonderful Top Hops, I decided to stop by Pok Pok Wing, a delicious wing shop that had its birth in Portland from Andy Ricker.

The wings themselves are essentially marinated in fish sauce, garlic and sugar and then tossed in some more fish sauce and garlic. Considering a staple of Filipino foods is fish sauce, not that I particularly enjoy Filipino food, I figured I would give these a shot.

Crispy, and nicely salty and sweet, the wings were balanced. At least, to my palate they were. Asian food is always challenging to pair with beers and I found myself wondering what I probably should have bought from the bar I was just in. Maybe a Pilsner, or a lager. Quite possibly even a crisp and timid Belgian like a saison or blonde. All of these would be carbonated enough to cut through some of the grease and reset your mouth for another bite of delicious wings.

P.S. – Other options could have been a porter or stout to complement the complex sweetness of the exotic wing.

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