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More Beers I Typically Do Not Fancy, That Make Me Feel German – Troegenator Double Bock

February 24, 2012


Continuing on an earlier resolution to start drinking beers outside of my comfort zone, I decided to pick up a Troegs Brewing Company Troegenator Double Bock. While I do enjoy the occasional Spaten Optimator, I never grew fond of the style. So what’d I think?

A doppelback is a stronger version of the bock style of beer. Originating in Germany as a beer that was consumed during special occasions, it was also interestingly used by Bavarian monks during fasting. Thanks, Wikipedia.

Upon first sniff the Double Bock sports a deep malt smell. Think of what happens when you smell malt extract if you homebrew, or for those that don’t think raisins, stone fruits, or even molasses. Upon first lick, it’s malty, sometimes roasty and caramel like, but never too much like those. There is a very slight level of hops and it’s nice and slick, yet crisp on your tongue.

Pretty much everything I wrote above is why I never really enjoyed this style. I can’t stomach malty and sweet-ish type beers. But, this beer was a worthy representation of it’s style and I could see why people would enjoy it.

So, that’s it.

Where did I get this beer?- The Pioneer by me on Columbus Avenue b/t 72nd and 73rd

I would like this beer if –
(1) Mmm… sweet-ish type caramel
(2) Bock. Bah, I need something stronger.

I would not like this beer if –
(1) I don’t like too much Munich, Vienna or darker malts
(2) I don’t like lighter bodied dark beers

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