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If You Ever Wanted to Compare an American Amber with an American Pale Ale

April 6, 2012

American Amber vs. American Pale Ale

If you ever wanted to see a side by side comparison of American Ambers in relation to American Pale Ales, click on that hot link above.  It’s a PDF I made with my tech skills and Google Docs, showcasing a side by side comparison of the characteristics established by the Beer Judge Certification Program. Why would you want to do this?My neighbor and I are attempting to hold structured and themed beer tastings on a regular basis with the end goal of refining our palates, expanding on our beer knowledge and gaining useful information to spew back out when someone asks, “Hey, Joe.  What’s the difference between an Amber and a Pale Ale?”

But, also so I can say things like this –

“But, I must say that I am looking forward to quantifying the difference a little less hop and some dark crystal malts will have on a beer, since I think those are the primary differences between a pale ale and an amber.”

Instead of saying –

“Man, I can’t wait to drink tonight!”

That’s right.  But, in all seriousness, it’s the informational sheet we will all have to read as we go through 10 or so different kinds of Pale Ales and Ambers, all purchased from the 96th Street Whole Foods on the West Side.  Who knew you could grab any of there beers and make them a single?  I didn’t.

More to come on how the actual beer tasting went.  It’s tonight and we’re making the Upper West Side that much more hip.

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