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Forcing Yourself To Go Somewhere, Getting There and Loving Every Minute of It – Jones Wood Foundry

May 11, 2012

What a nice pub…

It’s been one of those weeks.  The kind of week where you are definitely not having a good week at work.  You question the progression of your job and where you are.  People have been irritating you and you’re angry for no rational reason.  You grabbed an impromptu drink on Monday, then went out on Tuesday, went to ceramics class and drank some wine on Wednesday and on Thursday you go on another improvised bar run.  Except by that point you kind of don’t want to but you go and you love it.  Enter Jones Wood Foundry.

Story goes, the Fiance had to meet a friend for a mani/pedi around 6:45 PM, so she had some time to kill after work.  We work on the the northernmost border of the UES so there’s kind of a wasteland in terms of neat places to go.  And, by neat I mean awesome food and drink in the hip sense.  So, I scoured the web and read about some of the positive vibe let out by this place.  4 stars on Yelp.  That has to mean something, right?

So we hopped on over and entered a completely empty bar area.  Flanked by a communal table and furthermore a dining area way in the back, it was everything you expected from an English pub.  Dark, and woody in the bar area.  Wood on top, wood on the bottom.  The communal area reminded me of a brightly lit indoor garden and the back area was as dark as the front bar.

More wood

The beer selection was part English part NYC.  Started off with a Fuller’s London Pride, one of my all time favorites and ended with some Ommegang Rare Vos.  The list wouldn’t satisfy a beer snob, but it should suffice any craft beer lover.  The list rounded out with Lagunitas IPA, some Duvel, Palm, Sixpoint, etc.  They also had cask ales and it looked like Fuller’s ESB was up next.  Here is a not so up to date list of their taps and bottles which I’m guessing they rotate.

The Fiance had some wine and she seemed pleased with the Chianti  They do have a variety of reds and whites as well as wine cocktails, which piqued my interest slightly.

The people were quintessential older UES and what seemed to be a lot of British expatriates, which further increases the credibility of this place.  The bar is on 76th Street near 1st Avenue, but I unfortunately don’t know what that area is like but the people were older and professional.  No young-timer rowdiness here.

As far as the food, I can’t comment because all we ate was a cheese plate.  Had some Stilton of course but can’t remember the others.  One was stinky, one was mild and one was just in between.

The place picked up and I was eventually able to get past the horrible week.  I guess that’s what a good pub should do.  I’m coming back.

Where is this place? 401 East 76th Street b/t 1st and York

I would like this place if –

  • I loved the traditional English pubs in London
  • I like a succinct and neat beer list
  • I want to be around older gentleman

I would not like this place if –

  • UES, no way…
  • I’m looking for the latest collaboration between Three Floyds and Clown Shoes
  • I want a quiet place to sit and drink away my woes
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  1. ShelleyClark permalink
    May 16, 2012 7:04 am

    Thanks for the post about JWF. We’re delighted your visit improved your week and look forward to seeing you again. Just FYI on the crowd being “older” – or rather “mature” to be PC – it depends on the night and the time. Later the younger. And, hey, with mature regulars like Keith Richards (yes THAT Keith Richards), older doesn’t necessarily mean “no young-timer rowdinesshere.”

    • May 21, 2012 10:26 am

      No thanks needed, except to JWF. I loved the bar. It has such a great feel. And, absolutely, rowdiness is often a good thing, especially from a rock star! And, thanks for the info on the varying crowd from time to time. Always a good thing to have that. Makes the experience even better. I’m hoping to make JWF an after work regular.

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