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Making Waves in the Upper East Side – The Penrose

July 4, 2012


I’m not going to rant about the ever-changing landscape in the UES. Frankly, I don’t really care. People move to neighborhoods for all different reasons and I didn’t move to the Upper West Side because I wanted to be surrounded by places labeled as “cool” as voiced by the bar and nightlife illuminati of New York City. I moved there because I liked the overall feel of living without judgement. But, wannabe urbanologists will always find something to say when something out of place pops up in a neighborhood. Whether it be yuppies, bees, or a new restaurant or bar, it’s always a sign of change. Enter The Penrose.

Coming from similar folk who brought us West Village fixture Wilfie and Nell and Sweet Afton another fantastic bar in Astoria, The Penrose is evidently in the same bloodline. Think lots of wood, possibly exposed brick if my memory serves me right, other well placed obscure decor, good choices for alcohol and an equally good food menu. Oh, and add a somewhat hipster wait staff. I say somewhat since the labor pool is probably based in the UES.

There are two bars to get your drinks from and three general areas to sit at, front, middle and back. Choices for beer include well rounded choices like Saison DuPont, Miller High Life, Sixpoint Sweet Action, stuff from Blue Point, Narraganset Lager, Green Flash IPA, Orval, and Ommegang Witte. Wine, I am not so sure about. Cocktails are available too.

For food you have limited but well curated number of choices. The spiced beef sandwich and fried chicken round out my top picks considering the beef was tender, well spiced, salty, and juicy and the mustard was appropriately used. Accordingly, the fried chicken was crunchy and delicious. There were other items like salads and burgers, but I could only eat so much.

Yes, my Upper East Side friends, you have a great place here. Oh, and Jones Wood Foundry rocks too. I will be back.

Where is this place? 1590 2nd Avenue b/t 82nd and 83rd

I would like this bar if –
(1) I like Wilfie and Nell and Sweet Afton
(2) I want a laid back place for good food and drink
(3) I want to be cool, yo,and have a good time

I would not like this bar if –
(1) I hate coming to the UES
(2) Hipsters, eww.

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