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Rosemary Saison Update

July 11, 2012

I took a sample of my fermenting wort yesterday morning at 7:00 AM, when I woke up after it had been fermenting for about one and a half days.  Despite the fact that I realized I was drinking beer before work and at seven in the morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find a specific gravity of 1.006 from an original gravity of 1.050.

I did read that the Belgian Saison II yeast from White Labs provided these kinds of results, but believing and seeing are two completely different things.  BAM!  You like that cliche!?

As far as taste, it was much more fruity/ester-y than I expected and the two tablespoons of rosemary was apparent in the aftertaste.  It was kind of pleasant and I’m excited to pair this beer with a roasted chicken dinner.

More to come…


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