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Brooklyn Brewery’s NoMad Le Poulet – Brewed Just for The NoMad

September 17, 2012

A glass of ‘Le Poulet’ in a custom NoMad growler. Sweet.

I went to The NoMad for brunch this past weekend.  This would be my second visit to Daniel Humm’s and Will Guidara’s second restaurant.  Eleven Madison Park is technically their first.  I say technically since they purchased it from Danny Meyer.

The true purpose of my visit was two-fold, try the chicken sandwich and more importantly drink the beer NoMad Le Poulet which Brooklyn Brewery brewed specifically for the restaurant and their chicken.  How did sampling a pairing created by two genius parties go?  Click to find out.

First, I must mention a little caveat about the chicken sandwich and the beer.  NoMad Le Poulet (chicken) was originally brewed for the roast chicken for two, a chicken masterfully stuffed with brioche, black truffles and foie gras.  Yes.  You read that right.  Because the dish was created for two, I was unable to enjoy the dish on my first visit to The NoMad since my dining companion, also known as my wife, is a vegetarian.  Naturally, I was disappointed and vowed that I would get to try this pairing before I died.

Enter the chicken sandwich, a natural mutation of the original chicken dish for the brunch crowd.  It’s slices of moist, succulent chicken in between what I heard was a black truffle brioche spread with foie gras.  It was a one of a kind meal that could only be conceived by a chef like Mr. Humm.

The beer, advertised as a brown ale, was actually a Belgian-style brown ale.  I thought it was wedged somewhere between the two styles of a dubbel and a Belgian strong dark ale.  It had a clear deep dark amber brown appearance.  It’s aroma was nothing short of malty, bready, and sweet with a normal dose of the typical fruity esters and spicy phenols of Belgian yeast strains.  As far as taste, it was complex, malty, sweet, with some hints of stone fruits and not much bitterness.  Overall, it was a well balanced beer falling on the malt side.

Together the dish was celestial, each bite and sip complementing each other.  The bready fruity sweetness matched the brioche and foie gras.  The spicy earthy character paired well with the chicken.  You couldn’t have asked for more from what I am assuming was a collaboration between the two crews of Garrett Oliver and Daniel Humm.

Oh, and check out the custom half growler.  It was pretty sweet.

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