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My Fermenting Station, Underneath Our Kitchen Table

November 6, 2012


Underneath our kitchen table is my beer fermenting station. I can hold 3 batches. So nice.

In the primary (left hand side, underneath the shirt) is an Election Day Ale, brewed with the yeast captured from the beer in the secondary, a Thanksgiving Cream Ale brewed for the in-laws visit. For your information, the yeast is White Labs California Ale. Since I was wildly unsuccessful at culturing a yeast from a bottle of Westmalle, I decided I would use the yeast from the cream ale.

I originally was interested in making a Belgian-style dubbel as I had some leftover Munich and Pilsen malt extracts but instead I succumbed to making an unusual (in the ingredient sense) balanced ale using the malts plus some Perle hops for some minty bittering and Czech Saaz for an herbal and spicy aroma.

We will see what the California ale yeast does. I am assuming the hops and malt should shine without any hindrance.

The cream ale was a kit from Midwest.

Oh, beer.

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