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Thanksgiving Cream Ale Hits the Bottle

November 12, 2012

About 5-6 weeks ago, realizing that my in-laws, who I love dearly, would be arriving on November 21st, 2012 to celebrate Thanksgiving with my wife and me in New York City, I decided to brew a beer in celebration of their arrival.

It really served two purposes.  The first being that it forced me to continue partaking in a hobby that’s insanely laborious yet has a place in my heart and mind the borders beyond obsession.  I do get excited like everyone else does perusing the Northern Brewer or MidwestSupplies website for equipment and ingredients that would help me make better beer.  I do think about it a lot, but being in a tiny apartment and trying to cultivate a career and social life can sometimes get in the way.

The second purpose was really the more important one.  I wanted to brew something drinkable for my father-in-law who loves Yuengling.  I thought long and hard and decided upon a cream ale.  I verified this would be the best choice by visiting Murray’s Cheese Bar in the Village and drinking a few Narragansett Cream Ales.  Light bodied and low hopped, this clean and crisp malty beer is perfect for my dad by law.

So, I decided to save myself some hassle and went with the extract kit version and most recently after some time in the secondary fermenter for clarifying purposes, it’s sitting in the bottle carbonating itself.  Since their arrival only a week and a half away, I’m contemplating putting the beer next to the heater to maintain a somewhat warmer temperature so I can facilitate the carbonation process.

I did sample some of the green beer, and I have to say it’s what I expected.  Luckily, via the fact that I was brewing in a small kettle for convenience, it ended up a little more amber than it’s supposed to be, primarily due to burning some of the wort giving an ever so slight increase in the malty area, with a very slight hint of caramel sweetness.  Barely noticeable, but just enough.

So here is to Thanksgiving.

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