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Sunday Funday at The Pony Bar

March 4, 2013

A little bit of celebratory and catch-up drinking was needed this weekend.  But, Saturday was taken up by some celebrating with the wife in Brooklyn.  We hit up a Brooklyn staple The Atlantic Chip Shop which is a pub with good beer specializing in all things English, more specifically fish and chips.  I had myself the battered plaice and chips and a Scotch egg as an app.  

I don’t think I need to emphasize the well executed crunchy batter and moist flaky fish served on top of a bed of crispy fries with of course the appropriate accoutrements of tartar sauce and requisite malt vinegar.  Yes.  It’s Sarson’s.

They do carry a decent beer selection and I did imbibe in a Bronx Pale Ale.  It was a classic pale ale in a normal way.

After we hit up Colonie a ‘American Nouveau’ restaurant on Atlantic, next door to the Chipshop, which is tecnically on the border of Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill.  It’s everything you’d expect from a hip Brooklyn restaurant.  Appealing to the eyes and senses.  A vibrant, creative and energetic crowd.  Lots of exposed brick and a beautiful granite countertop bar with laboratory bar stools.  A beautiful chef’s table.  Hipster-ish wait stiff wearing gray button downs and black pants.  Just go and see it yourself.    

Here I continued my beer drinking spree with a Flying Dog Gonzo Porter, Allagash White and a Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA.  In that order.  It worked for me.

The wife had some cool cocktails one with cucumber and the other with grapefruit.

Then onto Sunday.  I hadn’t been to The Pony Bar in awhile since I visited earlier last week with a friend.  It was shockingly uncrowded on a Wednesday night.  On Sunday it filled up nicely starting from around 2:00 PM to 5 or 6.

I had some great American craft beers.  Ommegang Barrier Relief IPA, a Crossroads IPA, Bluepoint Sour Cherry Imperial Stout, and a Sixpoint 3Beans.  I’m pretty sure there was something else in there, but I can’t remember.  Had some fried pickles with the whole deal.

It was a good weekend.


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